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【限定品】 プロ pro quatro ローリングス 【海外限定】rawlings usssa school grade バット bat ベースボール baseball-キッズ・ジュニア用バット




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rawlings ローリングス quatro pro プロ usssa baseball ベースボール bat バット grade school black 黒・ブラック/Lime green 緑・グリーン | -12 oz/2 3/4 Barrel


black 黒・ブラック/Lime green 緑・グリーン | -12 oz/2 3/4 Barrel



Technologies collide to give you more pop more distance and a faster lighter swing speed. The redesign of the Q4 technology features a new inner barrel with a larger sweet spot and a faster more balanced swing for optimal offense. Rebuilt collar assembly for a stiffer focused flex that eliminates barrel drag while maintaining vibration reduction. Concaved lightweight endcap creating faster swing speeds. New Longitudinal Flex: Re-engineered composite layering enhances trampoline across the length of the barrel. * Unwanted bats returned to Eastbay must not be used and must be in original packaging.To contact a manufacturer about a warranty please refer to our Bat Warranty Manufacturer Contact List